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Auszug Semikron Treiber Varistor
Gleichrichter Kühlkörper

Hybrid Dual MOSFET Driver
VCE 1200 V    Iout PEAK 8 A

    * Double driver for halfbridge IGBT modules
    * SKHI 22A is compatible to old SKHI 22
    * SKHI 22B has additional functionality CMOS
       compatible inputs
    * Short circuit potection by VCE monitoring
       and  switch off
    * Drive interlock top / bottom
    * Isolation by transformers
    * Supply undervotage protection (13V)
    * Error latch / output
Typical Applications:
    * Driver for IGBT modules in bridge circuits in
       industrial applications

SKVC 20A 460   Varistor

SKB B 80 C1500 L5B   
Miniature Bridge Rectifiers
ID 2.5 A

Tyical Applications:
Overvoltage protection.
Suitable for use in industrial applications

Kühlkörper P3/180
Kühlkörper P 3/120


Intented for isolated power modules, SEMIPACK (1 to 4) and SEMITRANS 2 range
Integrated rails allow easy mounting of the modules
Available in several lengths
Best fitted fan: SKF 3-230-01 (30031061)
Includes holes (4x for the mounting of the fan + 1x for the thermal switch)

Acc. kit for 8x SEMIPONT 3
Acc. Kit for Power Modules